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Joel Cavazos: I used the store brand cichlid food for my 42 cichlids, I didn't see much color in them when I changed to shef's formula several months ago I started to see the red yellow and blues starting to pop. My fish go nuts when I feed them they literally swimbto the right corner of the tank, I just bought 3 more bags and this is the only food I feed my fish.

Travis StephensTook about a week to start seeing a change in color. After a month my mbunas and peacocks have grown and colored up so nice, best food I have tried and will definitely be sticking with Colormax and Ultramix as my food.

Ted PanasciI started feeding Ultra Red a month ago. My red fish really colored up beautifully.  I wish I had a before picture but my red dragon looks great after eating Ultra Red for a month.  
I have since tried the Growth and Color Max food.  My fish love it.  The Growth food in the small size is perfect for month old Peacock fry.  
My previous food of choice was Dainichi but Shef’s Formula beats it.

Jayson BrooksA real game changer when it comes to food for my cichlids health wise and the color it gives them is amazing and some of the best and quick customer services in the game 💯💯💯💯💯

Jonathan LarsonI have fed food from Cichlid World Florida for years!  The difference from previous foods is not even disputable!!!   The reds get more red, blues are so vibrant yellows are deep and bright, and the fish literally INHALE it. Do not feed anything else. You are simply wasting your time.

Ryan OsborneWas looking for a good quality food for my Cichlids, and was recommended to try out the Ultra Mix! I went with the 1.7mm pellets and my fish go crazy for it! Sense feeding it I have noticed less cloudy water with these pellets, fish gaining more and more color and they just over all seem healthier! They go crazy for the stuff and beg for it every time some walks by the tank! 10/10 recommended great customer service and help too!

Eric LawrenceShef’s food doing work! Switched over from NorthFin food a few month back and boy did it make a difference. Thanks Shef!

Cory BoothShef has some of the best African cichlids in the entire country let alone the state of Florida. Great customer service and great quality make him my go to for new fish. Not to mention the fish food he has is better than anything else I’ve used. 10 out of 10

Jason JumpI tried this food some months back and absolutely loves it...I seem soany improvements with color and just cleanliness of the tank...I have tried so many foods over the past few years and thought they where the same.   This absolutely is the best hands down..I stopped using it just to finish up other brands but from now on this is where I will order from.. All of my babies have been raised on the growth formula and look beautiful and growing faster.  Thanks for you efforts to make the best food out there.

John VaughnMy fish FLOCK to the Color Max. They reacted to Color Max much more aggressively than to store brands. Their colors are MUCH more vibrant, I’ve been using it for 6-8 months. My black cichlid fish is so dark it looks fake, the blue is vibrant, the orange and reds are almost fluorescent. My blue acara has an extra iridescence that others I’ve seen do not. My yellow labs are so yellow and color filled, they have a green aura about them against my black background, there is no green, the yellow glow they give reflect off the black background and causes a green “halo”(yes, black and yellow mix to make green).

Elissa RittSeeing is believing: After feeding Shef's food exclusively, my mixed Malawi tank positively glows. The quality of this food is evident in the radiant color, accelerated growth, and beautiful fins that simply weren't there prior to feeding this food.

Zach MarshResults from food are undeniable and quick!
All my fish have deeper color saturation. You can’t go wrong with any food from Cichlid Shef!

Timmy KingBest Food for Cichlids. I have tried several different brands but none had the effect that Ultra Red and Color Max has had.

Daniel WeierbachBeen ordering food and cichlids from Shef for over a year and he never disappoints! The quality of fish are outstanding and the specialized food definitely brings out their full potential! Cichlid Shef is one of my go-to places for Malawi Cichlids!

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