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Ultra Red

Ultra Red

This is one of Shef's Own formulas of foods that were designed by him for superb health and to unlock the true potential of your fish that they would only show in a natural pond. Vibrant colors come as a result of bring suler healthy.High amount of astaxanthin added by Shef make sure your fish with orange, pink, and red colors achieve their full potential hidden in their genetics.The high amount of astaxanthin provides countless health benefits and it is known to be a superfood even for humans so it's one of the best nutrition you can feed to your wet friends to assure they are healthy and thriving in your tank. You will notice vibrant colors on your fish, better health, and faster growth.


What makes this food different than all the name-brand foods out there?

Commercially produced foods go through an extrusion process and face temperatures of 300+ degrees and resulting in loss of nutrients. Shef's formula is dried with air only after his own additives are added(Check the ingredient list). As a result of drying with air, no nutrients are lost and your fish are able to benefit from every nutrient added by Shef and achieve their true potential as they would in nature.


You don't need to add vitamins and supplements to this formula since that's been done by Shef and dried for you to just feed.

Main Ingredients:

Fish meal, Krill meal, Squid meal, Potatoe starch,Grain-by products, Fish oil, Calcium carbonate, Betaine, Soy lecithin, Calcium phosphate,

Licorice plant, Wheat germ.

Additives by Shef:

Spirulina, Moringa,Beet,Epsom salt,Garlic,Vitamins and Minerals, Amino Acids, Probiotics,Turmeric,Astaxanthin.

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