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5 Foods Adult Blend 2-3mm

5 Foods Adult Blend 2-3mm

This is to provide a cheaper option.It consist of 5 different foods which are liated below.

Krill pellets

High protein pellets

Spirulina sticks

Spirulina Pellets(our own formula)

Ultra red pellets(our own formula)

If you want the best results purchase one of our ultimate formulas which are Spirulina,ultra mix,color max or ultra red.Dont expect to get the full effect of our ultimate foods by purchasing this blend but at least you can feed this to your fish just to give them some of our ultimate formulas which is 20% in this blend.

This has our own spirulina and the ultra red formula in it which will help with the digestion and also with the colors along with many health benefits.

Size of the pellets ranges 2-3mm.

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